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Sex Cam Affiliate Programs 2019: Best Adult Sites to Promote

If you’re anything like me at all, you’re sick of working for your boss and watching him laugh all the way to the bank where he regularly deposits the lion’s share of the earnings you made for him.

So I’m saying:

Start working for yourself!

My name is Dan, and 4 years ago I started making money hand over fist without leaving my home. All I did was to sign up for the best sex cam affiliate programs listed below, and build a few sites.

The beauty of it?

It’s totally free, and it only takes a weekend or two to get your own adult website live and to start making money online by referring folks who are looking for a quality porn site to get their daily dose of responsible adult entertainment.

Compare Sex Cam Affiliate Programs:

I’ll continue below, after you check out this awesome comparison of the best sex cam affiliate programs, which I absolutely insist on placing above the fold:

General Info
Flagship Product
Other Products
Niche Products
Multilingual Products
Signup Bonus
Award-Winning Program
Pay Per Lead
Pay Per Sale
Revenue Sharing
Whitelabel Program
Webmaster Referral
Cam Model Referral
Direct Deposit
Minimum Payout
Pay Period Length
Payout Delay
Affiliate Experience
Affiliate Support Quality
User Interface
Product Quality
Reporting Integration
Up to $300
14% ***
14% ***
2 Weeks
3-4 Weeks


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2 Weeks
1-2 Weeks
Up to €60
Up to 30%
2 Weeks
2-3 Weeks
Up to $1
2 Weeks
Under 1 Week
Up to $3
Up to 25%
Up to 25%
2 Weeks
2-3 Weeks
Up to $3
Up to $250
Up to 50% **
Up to 35%
Up to $3 *
2 Weeks
Under 1 Week


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Up to $5 **
Up to $90 **
Up to 50% **
2 Weeks
1 Month


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Up to $2
Up to 30%
Up to 30%
1 Month
2 Weeks


Visit site
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Up to $40
Up to 10%
1 Week
Under 1 Week
Per referred sale by webmaster
Differentiates per product
On average, over a year

Why am I telling you all this?

Because they’re willing to pay me a hefty commission to recruit new affiliates, but only if the affiliates earn money!

Just look at the Webmaster Referral line of the table above – 5%-36% of everything you earn on top of your earnings.

That’s right:

Your earnings are not affected; the affiliate program simply pays me extra. How do you know that?

Well, they offer the same payouts to everybody: no matter how you found them, you will still get paid what they promise on their homepage. And I will get that sweet extra percentage.

And that’s the best part:

I have every incentive to help you make money online, and absolutely no reason to mislead you. Better yet, you can make sure it’s all true yourself by signing up and checking out the webmaster referral programs, that’s exactly how I’m making my buck here.

Looks to me like a win-win situation right there.

How do Adult Affiliate Programs Work?

So, whether you’re looking for ways to make money online, or you found me after specifically googling the “best sex cam affiliate programs” (which, to me, means that you already know how it works), I’ll explain.

For the newbies:

An Affiliate Program is a tool to recruit and incentivize (encourage) webmasters (site owners) and online marketing experts, to promote certain products or websites.

You might also know these by the names Referral Programs, Partnership Agreements, and other buzz-wordy nicknames.

Adult affiliate programs work like any other affiliate program, namely:

“Bring us leads and/or paying customers, and we’ll pay you money”

I Like Money - Idiocracy

Great, me too!


Unless you use methods which are illegal, or specifically forbidden by the adult affiliate program, it’s irrelevant how you do it. They want customers that they can’t (or won’t) easily reach themselves.

So, let’s recap:

  1. A company which owns an adult cam site opens up an affiliate program to recruit partners.
  2. Webmasters like yourself sign up (did I mention it’s free?)
  3. The new affiliate (that’s you) gets access to a bunch of promo tools, which are awesome banners and other neat advertising materials.
  4. You place some of these promo tools on your own adult website.
  5. Your website’s visitors to the affiliate’s adult site click the promo tools and get a cookie, marking them as your referrals
  6. When they sign up, you get paid.

Huell on a Pile of Cash - Breaking Bad

Are Adult Affiliate Programs a Scam?

“What if I bring them all those customers and they don’t pay me?”, I hear you ask.

Well, to answer your question, some of them are but very few, and they rarely stick around.

In the world of adult affiliates word gets around quickly. If anyone gets scammed by a sex cam affiliate program, rumors (and sometimes proof) quickly reaches reputable adult webmaster forums such as GFY (you’ll never guess what it stands for), and the rogue affiliate program is shunned forever for being an asshole to hard working webmasters.

How to avoid getting scammed?

  1. Sign up only to programs listed here
  2. Found another program? Email them first, see that they respond
  3. Google some stuff like “is this adult affiliate program a scam?”, and read through the first few results

You might find some complaints about any company, but more often than not, if you scroll through responses and updates to the complaint, you’ll see that it was chalked up to a misunderstanding and everything is back to being just fine and dandy for that affiliate.

Currently, I know of these adult webcam affiliate programs you should avoid:

FreeWebcamCash – no leads, no sales, and no response from support. Ever!

CamPlaceCash – all contact lost after some money was earned, login stopped working:

CamPlaceCash Scam Login Not Working

And emails started bouncing back:

CamPlaceCash Scam

So what do you do in cases like this?

Cut your losses, remove any mention of them from your website, spit on their namesake, move on, and spread the word, like I do.

These small players aren’t your real moneymakers anyway, so…

Fuck it

How do I Get Paid?

Yes, you are (or rather I am) finally asking the right questions!

The answer to this question is divided into 5 parts:


Programs are payment structures which are usually divided to 3 different payment models:

PPL – Pay Per Lead

Generally speaking, this is when you earn commissions for referring free users to adult webcam sites. Not all affiliate programs offer this model, and the payouts range between $0.05 and $5.

The big variance is due to the fact that not all traffic was born equal, and visitors arriving to your website from weaker countries (I’m trying to be gentle here, folks), are less likely to pay, and more often turn to fraudulent transactions using stolen credit card numbers and false claims to receive their money back.

A lower payout reflects that by reducing the risk the adult webcam affiliate programs take when they pay you for each and every lead.

On the bright side:

It’s super easy to bring a lead, all the user needs to do is provide an email address, and even that is not always required. Check out my Chaturbate review for more details about no-email-required PPL. (Up to $1 per lead!)

PPS – Pay Per Sale

These sort of programs reward you for the first transaction a referred user makes on the adult cam site.

The big plus:

Competition for new users is so fierce, that the big affiliate programs pay crazy cash for a low first transaction. Just look at AWE, you can earn as much as $300 (that’s US dollars, folks) for a customer’s first sale as low as $17.99.


Because the sex cam site finds it profitable to recruit users at this cost and not have the competition take it away. The average user value also plays a role here, because every once in a while a customer arrives and spends copious amounts of cash on sex cam shows.

So basically, it all evens out for them, and you get paid!

Not everybody will pay you $300 per sale, but the payouts are usually at least $40 per paying customer, and around $100 PPS on the average sex cam affiliate program.

The small minus:

When a customer isn’t pleased with something, or regrets his purchase, he can place a legitimate claim for a refund. If he received a refund, the payout you received for this customer is deducted from your earnings.

But that’s true to the entire world of affiliate marketing, and it rarely happens.

REVS – Revenue Sharing

This is exactly how it sounds:

The sex cam provider makes a buck, and you take a part of that buck.

Your share typically ranges between 20% and 60%, and while that may be lower than PPS for most of the sales you drive to the sex cam site, when you bring in a whale of a customer, oh boy:

Cashing out

The RevShare model also applies to Whitelabel sites (more about that in my explanation about promo tools), webmaster referral (that’s what I’m doing right here), and webcam model referral.

Minimum Payout

This is the earnings threshold you need to achieve every time for a payment to be sent.

The minimum payout usually ranges between $50 and $100 (rarely as much as $200), and the reason the adult webcam affiliate programs set these minimum targets, is simply to save on transaction fees charged by the payment processors they use to send out your payout.

You can also set a higher minimum payout in case you only want your payment to be sent when you earn a significant amount of money.

It’s usually a good strategy when you choose to get paid by wire transfer. In this case, the affiliate program forces a higher minimum payout as well, ranging from $500 to $1000, because bank commissions for wire transfers (both on your side, and theirs), are insane.

Payment periods

Payment periods are typically either one week, half a month (14-16 days), or a whole month.

Each payment period, the affiliate program checks if you’ve reached your minimum payout threshold.

If you haven’t, your earnings are held and added to the next period’s earnings, and recalculated at the end of the next payment period. This repeats recursively until you reach the minimum payout.

Once you’re over the defined minimum amount, the payment begins processing and will be sent after a short delay.


Different affiliate programs need a different amount of time to calculate, process, and send out your payout.

The factors that determine the payment delay are usually affiliate management software limitations, staffing issues, approval processes, accounting reasons, payment method constraints, and other boring reasons you really shouldn’t care about.

What you should care about is that the delays range from a few days to a whole month, and there isn’t a single thing you can do about it.

That’s just the way it is, so be patient.

Payment Methods

If you’re new to the adult world, you should know that PayPal doesn’t work with anyone in the adult industry. It’s an American thing, I guess, and not a very smart one at that.

They’re missing out on some crazy fees they could be adding to their bottom line, but that’s their problem, not mine.

Their silly refusal to work with porn advertisers such as myself, opened up the market to tons of alternatives. And while no serious adult affiliate programs really pay affiliate commission via bitcoin yet, the best sex cam affiliate programs use these popular payment methods:

Payoneer (Sign up through this link for a $25 bonus)

After ePassporte closed down amidst a fraud scandal, a relatively small player replaced it in the arena of adult payment processing.

Payoneer is a great payment processor which is extremely easy to set up.

Payoneer provides you with a MasterCard and a virtual electronic wallet account from which your card will be charged.

Affiliates send money to your account, and you load each payment manually. There is of course an option to immediately and automatically load every transaction but it’s a pointless waste of money.

You pay a small fee of $2 per manual load, and it takes the money around 48 hours to be added to your account. In rare cases, the affiliate program takes the fee upon themselves and you can load the newly arrived funds for free.

But lo and behold:

Every time you load a payment, the default choice is an immediate load, only it costs $3 more than a regular load, so unless you really need that money within the hour – be vigilant and don’t overpay for your own money.

If you need the funds urgently all the time, it might be smarter for you to choose always immediate, but it means you will always overpay for every load of every affiliate payout.

Aside from that little pain in the neck, Payoneer is a splendid payment method which is easy to use and almost all affiliate programs offer.


An electronic wallet very similar to Payoneer, with slightly stricter sign up requirements, and lower commissions per transactions.

You can still sign up easily, but you’ll need to upload certain documents as proof of who you are, proof of address, etc.

It’s best if you click the link above and visit their site for the full details.


A regular paper check sent to your address.

I feel like I’m disrespecting you by even typing this out, but for goodness’ sake, fill out your actual name (or company name) and address when signing up for the affiliate program, especially if you choose this option.

Wire Transfer

A regular bank transfer from the bank account of the webcam affiliate program, to your or your company’s bank account.

The fees are very high for this option because banks are a bunch of greedy bastards.

Direct Deposit

This is like a wire transfer, but much cheaper.

The downside is that it’s geographically restricted to North America, Europe and Australia.

There are other – less popular - payment methods that adult webcam affiliate programs offer, and I’m not going to write about them because you probably won’t use them anyway.

They are:

  • ePay Service
  • WebMoney

How do I Make Money Online with Adult Webcam Affiliate Programs?

There are a lot of ways to monetize adult web traffic, you just need to be creative.

The most popular way is to build a website that somehow attract the people who are more prone to be interested in adult cam sites.

The higher quality audience you have, the better the chances that they convert into a lead or a sale, on your affiliate’s cam site.

So, Who Likes Porn?

The answer: Everybody!

If you don’t dig into research done on the matter, you might be of the popular opinion that men of ages 21 – 45 are the best audience to target, but that would be a huge mistake.

I've made a huge mistake - Arrested Development

The reality is that even ten years ago, the statistics of online pornography were already surprisingly unexpected.

Women accounted for one third of adult website visitors, and the interest in porn among men, was (less surprisingly) almost equally distributed across all age groups. (Source)

As a matter of fact, based on a 2016 research by PornHub Insights, women all over the world show a keen interest in a variety of adult videos (mainly, lesbian porn).

So, as you begin your work on your first adult website, it’s important to keep reminding yourself that when it comes to sexual pleasures, nobody is innocent nor ignorant. Everybody knows exactly what they like and how they like it.

This means you can promote and target any niche, and you’re very likely to find at least a small group of people who will be interested in paying for quality adult webcam shows in the same niche.

Whether you’re an affiliate promoting lesbian sex cams, or you’re focusing on extreme domination, your website, assuming it’s built well, is bound to attract a suitable target audience.

What is the Best Adult Site to Build?

The possibilities are endless, as long as you provide a good quality site that will attract people looking for porn.

A few examples of adult websites:

  • Build a gallery of porn images
  • Create an adult forum
  • Develop a tube site
  • Build a content site and report on the adult webcam industry or related topics
  • Or simply take the easy way out and create a whitelabel or even several.

The point is, it doesn’t really matter what type of site you build, as long as you keep the content good and relevant to the audience you’re trying to attract.

You wouldn’t attract bikers to a gay bar, or maybe you would, I’m not here to judge bikers, but my point remains:

Stay relevant!

In terms of content, you could either go mainstream, or you could choose from a plethora of niches, big and small.

Some examples of popular content:

  • Celebrity porn
  • Porn star videos
  • BBW cams (Big Beautiful Women)
  • BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masochism)
  • Asian sex
  • Big boobs
  • Mature cams
  • Lesbians on cam
  • Shemale cams
  • Gay chat

Here’s some less popular, but highly specific niches:

  • Anal creampies
  • Deep-throat blowjobs
  • Foot-jobs
  • Grannies (yup, grannies!)
  • Interracial gangbangs
  • Time-stop porn
  • Water bondage

Yay porn!

The list just goes on and on, and if you do your research properly, you can find a gold mine of a niche and create content that converts like Catholics on a crusade.

Check out this example of research by Pornhub about the BBW niche. While you don’t have the huge data-sets that they have, you can still use Google and read in order to find the right niche to promote.

Once you zone in on your first niche, it’s time to build a site and to use it to strategically promote your partners.

How Do I Promote Adult Webcams?

Adult webcam affiliate programs provide their affiliates a variety of online marketing tools, also known as promo tools in the adult webmaster world.

These promo tools range from regular text links, to pre-recorded cam shows streamed under the guise of live video chat with a very sexy model.

Let’s go over the most popular tools:

Affiliate Link Codes and Text Links

This is the simplest promotional tool.

You can use the affiliate links anywhere you like (under the restrictions of the webcam, affiliate program’s terms and conditions), and any visitor clicking through these links will be tracked as your referral.

Sexy Banners

Banners are a classic in the online advertising world.

You can grab any static or animated banner you like from any adult affiliate program, place it on your website, and bam!

It’s attracting a lot of clicks and everybody’s your referral, except for Bob.

Bob’s your uncle!

Bob stroking Tyler - Fight Club

A word to the wise, don’t overdo it with the banners, as much as it’s tempting to litter your website with banners and fantasizing about all dem clicks, Dan’s here to warn you:

Google hates sites that have more ads than content, especially above the fold.

And this doesn’t only refer to banners, but banners flooding websites where you couldn’t see the forest for all the promotional trees, were the main reason that Google had to come down this hard on webmasters trying to make money without doing any quality work.

Live Chat Feeds

Imagine innocently browsing an adult website, and all of a sudden, down there in the corner, what is that?

A live video chat with a hot babe?

Hmm, that looks interesting…

She’s hot, I should click that

And once again, bam!

Another referral to the promoted cam site of your choice. And another. And another…

Live chat feeds are a nifty little piece of code that knows just the right time to show up in your visitor’s browser and bait them to click it.

Sometimes these are actual live feeds from the chat room, and sometimes these are pre-recorded adult cam shows, carefully curated and selected to improve your conversions.

Your (the webmaster’s) success is the success of any sex cam affiliate program, so they work hard to improve your conversion rates by providing tools like this.


A Whitelabel, also known as a co-brand, is the most popular advanced promo tool in the past few years.

And when I say it’s popular, I mean it:

Take a look at the list of cam sites on this page. Over 2000 websites, all whitelabels of only 7 popular sex cam sites.

It works thusly:

  1. You buy a domain, and make some changes to your DNS settings as per the instructions of the relevant webcam affiliate program.
  2. You modify the design of the original website using the white label creation tools your adult affiliate program provides.
  3. You start promoting your own website which is in reality the same brand site which belongs to your partner program, only with makeup.
  4. You reap the rewards in the form of generous RevShare commissions for every member signing up to your new co-branded website and placing at least one order of webcam credits.

More Promo Tools

The world of adult affiliate programs is highly competitive.

All these companies are competing for ad space on your site and your potential marketing efforts. Just like you might be looking for a whale of a customer, the best sex cam affiliate programs love a whale of an affiliate.

Once again, when the affiliate is making money online, the promoted company is making even more money.

This is why the competition is so fierce, both in terms of high payouts and quality promotional materials. After all, you’re not going to design and develop a complicated promo tool yourself, are you?

Pfft No - Parks and Rec

That’s what I thought.

So, you might find some really cool and unique marketing tools on the best adult affiliate programs, differing from one webcam company to another.

Hypnoimages & Hypnobanners are unique promo tools that AWE offers, CrakRevenue offers top notch landing pages, and PussyCash still offers free image galleries like they did 10 years ago.

Now that we have affiliate marketing tools covered, let’s talk about bringing your site to life by driving some traffic.

How Do I Get Traffic for My Adult Website?

Well, that’s a good question.

While I’m not here to teach you about internet marketing, I am willing to share a few tips and insights about the most popular online marketing channels for adult materials and sex cam sites.

As I outlined above, your goal should be to attract a relevant audience, and not just anybody. So if you’re promoting gay cams, your site needs to appeal to the users who are interested in gay porn.

Channels for relevant adult traffic:

Paid Search

Also known as PPC (pay-per-click), the most relevant tool in this regard is Google AdWords, which allows you to place ads on Google above and below the organic search results, for almost any keyword you think your audience might be searching for.

BingAds does a similar thing for Bing, but from my experience the volumes are low, and the traffic is usually of a lower quality. Probably not worth the effort.

Adult advertisers are limited in the features available to them with paid search, but it’s still a very viable and a very relevant marketing channel.

Social Media

While the mainstream social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest frown upon adult content, some webmasters still manage to find ways to promote adult content on those networks, while working on the fringes of the networks’ guidelines.


Break the guidelines = lose your social media account.

In terms of classic social traffic, Tumblr and Twitter are probably the most porn-friendly, as long as you clearly mark your account as an 18+ account.

Reddit is huge in terms of porn, but self-promotion is not tolerated so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to break through there.

Adult Ad Networks

Without presuming anything about you, I work under the assumption that you’ve visited a free porn site or two in your lifetime.

If you have, you’ve probably seen static and animated banner ads on these sites.

Some of these banners are affiliate marketing tools, but some of them come from ad networks.

It’s pretty straightforward:

  • You join an ad network as an advertiser
  • You choose publishers (websites) where you would like to place your ad
  • You pay per click or per 1000 impressions, depending on the network

Like with any other display advertising, how much it would cost to advertise your adult site on an ad network really depends on the network you choose and the publisher’s website.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a set of techniques with one common goal: To rank well on Google, and sometimes on other search engines.

You might be one of the lucky 10 to appear for a popular search on Google’s first page of search results for the search query of your dreams…

Or your site might stay buried on page 6 for eternity.

It’s free to optimize your adult site when you choose to do it yourself, if you don’t count your time. You could outsource this project to an SEO expert, but:

  1. Not everyone is thrilled about working with adult content
  2. Success is never guaranteed

That’s right, you might pay an order of $10,000 or more to an expert or an agency, but they can never guarantee actual results. And rightfully so, because nobody has a secret SEO formula.

Google’s algorithm depends on hundreds of factors to decide how to rank websites. This, along with a roll of the dice for luck, can only tell you to do your best, and to hope it will work.

Here’s what you can do yourself to improve your odds:

  1. Quality content (sounds familiar?)
  2. Build your adult site well, and make sure that it works smoothly
  3. Stay dedicated to your project over time

To Conclude: How Do I Become a Sex Cam Affiliate?

If you want to become big, you have to start small and grow.

It’s not extremely difficult to succeed when you promote the best sex cam affiliate programs, but if it was easy – everybody would be doing it.

The best adult affiliate programs are free to sign up, and some even offer a bonus, so check out the table on top of this page again, and start making money online by signing up to all of these programs.

Until you sort out your own website, you will get approved by them and you’ll be able to choose which of them you want to promote, and how.

Work by this short checklist:

  1. Buy a domain
  2. Throw up a quick site with a bit of content or an “under construction” notice
  3. Sign up to the top rated adult affiliate programs listed on top of this page
  4. Find the right niche
  5. Fill the site with content, and promo tools taken from the adult affiliate programs
  6. Start advertising your adult site

If you’re not sure about anything at all before you sign up, check out my reviews of the best adult affiliate programs for the full set of tips and fine points about each of them.

Good Luck - Sasha Grey